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Welcome to Turiel, a world of magic and a vast mystery. Though maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves, Turiel was not always a world of magic. For hundreds of years magic had been something that was relegated to party tricks for the idle rich and scholars attempting to research ways to make it stronger. The one who controlled access to magic and the higher mysteries was the Throned God Turiel himself. He was the king who named the countries and kept peace through fear alone… but 200 years ago he went silent, the castle started to crumble, and his armies broke and scattered to the winds, looting and pillaging in the absence of law.

Some believe it was the judgement of the true gods; others think Turiel and his Curia Regis attempted to take seize more control over the world than they already had. Whatever it was, when the castle went silent and chaos spread the countries broke away too. Ignoring the lords they had in the Curia Regis, they raised up new leaders as the noble families vied for power. Control was nominal, though, and the chaos continued until the royal palace suddenly was destroyed in a magical explosion the likes of which should have been impossible. A huge hole in the ground was left in place where the Palace once stood, deeper than anyone could see. It radiated magic, and at the same time shards of magic rained upon the world. Where they landed, the first of the dungeons were spawned.

With the creation of the dungeons and birth of the monsters that emerged from them magic also woke back up in full force. Ancestral weapons that had rusted on mantles for hundreds of years were suddenly shining and new, able to cut through steel like it was butter, while court mages and even children born with sparks of magic could invoke spells thought to be straight out of stories. It was a new age, and one that spawned the City of Towers and the Adventurers guild.

This is where you all come in. The world has changed in the wake of magic. Magic stones pulled from dungeon treasure rooms and the hearts of magical beasts help fuel the lights in cities and improve the lives of the people, while the guild sends out adventurer parties to stop rampaging monsters from destroying small towns and, in some rare cases, to clear out dangerous dungeons and get down the magical core at the center of it to bring down the den.

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  2. Turiel is a Pennmush game
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